October 14, 2020

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Unconventional Living and The Benefits


All over the nation, people are having their own small revolutions. They are looking for new ways to live. They are running away from everything they saw their parents go through. The 9-5 life behind a desk seems completely unappealing to many.

Maybe its the tower of debt that young people face coming out of college and the idea of taking on another tower just to own a home. One of the biggest trends in unconventional living is the tiny house.


The tiny house is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a house that is so small it’s hard to believe people live inside it. Sometimes even whole families live inside of these little homes. These homes can even be built on trailers to be made mobile.

The benefits are owning the home and building it yourself. You carry no house payment and you also have the ability to move without leaving behind a home. or going through the trouble of selling.


RVing is very similar but involves full-time life in an RV. This is best reserved for those with jobs that can be worked remotely.  Again, you have warranted the freedom of living where you want and how you want. The cost of the RV is all you have to worry about and that pales in comparison to the cost of a mortgage.

With the advent the internet business, life doesn’t have to be lived traditionally. There are many benefits for the prepper in living this lifestyle, too. When you are not shadowed by debt you will have the ability to spend more on preps and also travel to avoid threats. These tiny homes can be something like a bugout location on wheels. Or you can spend more money on your homestead.

Its all changing. The old norms are going away and we have plenty of room for improvement.