October 14, 2020

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Three Spring Wild Edibles


Foraging for wild edibles is undoubtedly an effort that is seasonal. If you know what you are after you are going to have so much more success. Much of this targeted foraging depends on understand the seasons and what’s.

If you go looking for hazelnuts in the spring you are going to come up empty handed every time. However, if you set out for Morels, well, its the only time of the year you are going to have luck. So seasonality with wild edibles is huge when it comes to foraging. Many people miss this.

We are going to look at three spring gems that anyone can find in the woods. These are both tasty and easy to identify so give it a try.

Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

Also known as Sulphur shelf, the chicken of the woods mushroom is the early mushroom foragers dream. It is one of the easiest shrooms to identify and there are no dangerous look a likes with the same characteristics.

Look for this bright orange “shelf” on fallen oaks in the spring. Its thick, meaty and should not have gills. Just delicious sauted with butter.


One of the most common wild edibles in our life, we step over them more than eat them. I am talking about dandelions. The leaves of spring dandelions can make an incredible salad. Tossed with some spring herbs you also get some serious nutrition!

The roots of dandelion can also be harvested and roasted and pulverized to make a coffee like drink.

Garlic Mustard

On of the more offensive edibles of the spring. Garlic mustard is a plant that enjoys being close to water. Its toothed leaves and tall stalks are one of the earlies signs of substantial life in the spring. It can be eaten, though pungent to some, and even ground up and used as medicine.