October 29, 2020

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Three Places Everyone Should Store a First Aid Kit


Could you have ever imagined storing and owning some of the things you do? Was your path one that leads, seamlessly, to preparedness? For many of us, it has taken a lot of change and effort to get to this point.

Just the inclusion of things like first aid kits and EDC bags would likely be a stretch to you in your 20’s. Well, now you know better and you want to be prepared. The game plan is to do that by having the items you need and the skills to react.

We are going to focus on first aid kits in this one and talk about three places that you should always have a first aid kit. While many families have one small box with the word FIRST AID on it, we have a lot of opportunity for improvement. Taking those kits elsewhere and storing many of them can make a difference.


One of the biggest missed opportunities is to have a first aid kit in your car. This means you have a kit with you no matter where you go. You have a kit that you can call on at all times when you are on the road. That can make a huge difference.


If you spend a lot of time getting around and move far away from your car, you might carry an EDC bag place a first aid kit in that bag. This can be a simple and personal kit but having it near at all times really helps.


Your job has an onsite first aid kit. It might have many. That doesn’t mean that having one at your desk or having a small survival kit at your desk is a bad move. First aid within reach is much different than first aid that has to be sought out.

You also know your kit better than one in the workplace and serious issues do require a fast-paced reaction.