November 25, 2020

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The Overwhelming Benefits of Bees on the Homestead

There are a few projects that the average person can undertake to start down the path of urban homesteading. For the average person, it only takes a few big projects to transfer your home into something you can honestly call an urban homestead.

You can think about things like planting some fruit and nut trees, expanding a garden, owning a few egg-laying chickens and maybe raising bees. That sounds like a great recipe for a starting gate setup for any suburban homestead.

What do people raise bees for? Everyone knows about the honey but there are all sorts of things that bees can do for you. Lets talk about it.


The sweet stuff is incredible. Honey is so delicious and is one of the greatest gifts of the natural world. Its the primary reason people raise bees.


There are so many great products that can be made from beeswax. Its an incredible thing. From salves to lip balm and way beyond, beeswax is an incredible vehicle for wild medicine.


You can build a business around your bees. Of course, you could sell honey and beeswax or you could get creative and sell medicinal salves or flavored honeys. There are all sorts of options. You could also teach people how to raise bees and create something like an online course.


Naturally, you are going to have an army of pollinators in your back yard. That is going to be such a benefit to your fruit trees and your garden. This goes a long way in terms of how things like fruit trees get pollinated and how prolific they become. Other things like melons and squash can benefit big time from bees, as well.

There are all sorts of things that you can do when you are raising bees. There is also a powerful confidence that comes from taking this on.