October 29, 2020

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The Next Gen of Preppers


Regardless of what you may think or feel about the millennial generation, there are certain things about them that have far exceeded their parents’ generation. Information, for example.

All they’ve ever known is to Google search. They have little to no concept about the Dewey decimal system, cassette players, or floppy disks. Their world is incredibly fast, information filled, and they are very aware of the problems we face on a global level.

Their perspective is more global than country-oriented.

Though many of them tend to be more emotionally driven than factually driven, that comes with time, age, and wisdom. Weren’t we all emotionally charged in our twenties?

Their awareness of their age completely blows ours out of the water and that is one of the reasons that this next generation of preppers coming up will be drastically different than what we know and practice. Much like the differences (much more so than between other generations) between the childhoods, their approach to prepping will have a different makeup.

What they lack are the experience and skills that we as older preppers have. These skills are vitally important to pass on to the next gen!

The Marriage of Skills and Information

To do the next generation of preppers justice, we need a marriage of skills and information.

It’s exciting and effective to read about the coming food crisis but not many people get excited about growing wheat.

To build a power group of preppers we need to also combine the skills of modern bushcraft and survival, with modern military intelligence and training as well as incorporate homesteading and lost ways of life. Its a holistic approach to self-reliance and independence in this modern age.

From a base like that, you can make a power Gen II prepper.