October 14, 2020

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The Importance of Written Plans


You can look at prepping in a couple ways. In one sense it is a list of tasks and burdens that have to be addressed in order for you and your loved ones to be prepared for what could be. Or you can look at it as a lifelong journey full of all sorts of interesting takeaways. It’s truly a river with an unending span of tributaries that will offer you all sorts of learning opportunities.

The Importance of Written Plans

One area that many preppers fall short is in the realm of solid, tangible, paper copy, written plans. Who has a written emergency binder? if you do that is awesome.

You see written plans of action and drills are so important to the overall level of preparedness. It’s just like the army’s written plans and practices. Take the lead from the most elite fighting force on the planet!

The best starting point for all of this is to look at the regional disasters that affect you each year. From here you can figure out how you are going to deal with those both using preps and plans.

These regional disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes or floods, should have a drill attributed to them that your family can take action on.  Detail and monitor these drills in your emergency binder.

From here you can expand to bigger plans and more serious disaster. Most importantly you can layout your bug out process and be sure that you are going to hit all the high notes in that plan from when to leave to how to get there and maybe even when to come back.

The emergency binder is a crucial part of full-scale preparedness. Don’t skimp on this. It doesn’t take much money but it takes thought and that is important.  Sit down and plan it all out. Also, explain it to your family.