October 19, 2020

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The Importance of Blacksmithing Skills in SHTF


When you think of skills to survive TEOTWAWKI, what comes to mind? If you had to give #1 and #2 how would you want that to go?

You would probably think of something like military tactics, food growing, survival skills or something along those lines.

What about forming metal?

Metal is one of the most excessive resources at our fingertips and it ain’t going anywhere in a collapse.

There are many great DIY projects for anyone who wants to start blacksmithing on the cheap. Great for SHTF situations to fix knives or even make them. You should start with an inexpensive tabletop forge that you can build yourself.

The forge runs off of a common propane torch (spiral flame will work better than pencil flame) that can be bought at any hardware store.

So why blacksmithing?


The most important part of blacksmithing as a survival skill is being able to repair metal. That can be tasks like forge welding an ax or fixing a simple door hinge. Both will be essential in an SHTF situation. Not to mention you can repair things for other people and that can put food on your table.


Do you know your role in SHTF? What will you be? Will you be someone important who others respect. That is an important thing to be! You can assure that if you have blacksmithing skills. For the longest time, the blacksmith has been a very prominent member of all societies.


With simple blacksmithing skills, you can even create weapons like knives. You can learn to make axes and even swords! These things will go a long way in the barter market.

Blacksmith skills are at least at the top three levels for surviving an SHTF situation that is long term in nature. If you want to add value to your situation this is the way you do it!