October 29, 2020

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The Four Seasons Wild Resource


There are resources out there and then there are four seasons resources. In the wild many people get very excited about foraging for wild plants. It seems that we get a little backwards when the weather gets cold and those plants die.

If we have a strong base in wild medicines and foraging for food than it would only make sense that we focus on things that outlast plants. I am talking about trees. Trees are a massive four seasons resource. Trees offer you all sorts of benefits from medicine to food to the raw material of wood.  Of course trees are always going to be the base for the best shelters and that is simple.

We often spend hours walking by trees looking for wild medicine. Trees are a powerhouse in terms of what they can do for us. Trees like the black walnut, white oak and willow are incredible tools for treating a variety of ailments. Trees like the birch can be incredible allies in fire making.

These powerful trees are impressive beyond most standards. The problem is that most people don’t take the time to study them. A quality field guide for wild plants that make medicine and food is pretty common. Still, we don’t carry or study a field guide that teaches us about trees.

When that first frost hits, it means your food and your medicines are pretty much gone. Is that the best way to survive something like a disaster or collapse? Of course not. Instead, we need to broaden our horizons to the see all things that can help us.

The power of trees as a four seasons resource is so massive that we often miss the boat on all sorts of opportunities, merely because of our ignorance regarding trees. It’s a shame.