October 29, 2020

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The Easiest Wild Foods to be Had


If you understand where to look you are going to be able to have access to easy wild food. Sustaining yourself, long term, off the land using bushcraft and the like is not easy. Food is going to be a big predictor in that success.


Your goal in finding easy food should always be to get near a water source. This, of course, also gives you access to drinking water that you can process to make safe. That’s another big deal. In most bodies of water, if you look close, you are going to be able to find fresh water bivalves like mussels.

This is a protein source that cannot get away. They aren’t going to be giant mussels but you can collect as many as you need. You can also take as long as you like. They cannot run away.

Cook them thoroughly and you are going to have a safe, easy protein source.


Another great thing food to seek out in the wild are nuts. Nuts fall and sit on the ground for a long time. Walnuts in particular. These are great little protein bits that fill you up with healthy fats. Just know which nuts need to be boiled or processed a bit.

Raw acorns can actually make you feel really bad.


You don’t need a fishing pole to get fish into your belly. If you learn traps you can catch fish without even being around. This takes practice. You can also poison areas of  water  with a “potion” made from the black walnut hulls. This will stun the fish and they will rise to the surface.


Mushrooms are all around you. Some make great tinder and some make great food. You need to take a class or you need to get a great field guide and be ok with taking risks. Mushrooms take some time to learn but they are a great, captive, resource.