November 26, 2020

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The Best OTC Meds to Stockpile

While natural healing is taking center stage lately, when you have ailments that are a real problem most people reach for OTC meds. This will be the same when the SHTF. You can stockpile great medicines if you know which to buy now.

We are going to look at a number of over the counter meds that are worth stockpiling today for the coming storms of tomorrow.


From eating bad food to drinking bad water a collapse will induce a good deal of gastrointestinal distress. You want to be sure that you have a way to stop things like vomiting and diarrhea. Just from dealing with bad water and waterborne pathogens, having the right OTC meds for this will go a long way.


To be honest, most pain and fever are things that we could deal with. However there are serious injuries and illnesses where you will need to stop that fever or give a person rest from the pain so they can heal. Yes, we can use willow bark to some end for dealing with pain and fever but having something easy to pop will go a long way.


Maybe not an OTC medicine but certainly  a huge benefit that can be had over the counter. Even something as simple as a generic multivitamin will go a long way in assuring that you and your family stay healthy and nourished. Stock up on gummy kids vitamins. Everyone can take them and you just take more if you are an adult.


Sinus infections, chest infections and other terrible things that we wont have antibiotics to deal with come from cracked sinus membranes and an over accumulation of mucus. There are many meds out there to deal with mucus and you should have some on hand so that you can make a preemptive strike.


Lost of Americans deal with allergies. That’s not going to go away just because the world falls apart. Be sure you have the medicines that are needed to deal with that.