October 20, 2020

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The Best Frugal Gardening Ideas for Preppers


Who is not out to save money? If we can do it just as well for less money, why wouldn’t we?  Well, that’s pretty much the idea when it comes to this article.

We have 5 unique methods for low-cost gardening. We want you to be frugal in your approach to the garden this year. The reason being, we want you to put that money towards other preps!

Pallet Gardening

One of the cheapest methods for gardening on the cheap is to source some free gardening “beds” in pallets. These pallets can be stood up or filled with dirt to grow plants directly in.

No-Till Gardening

For a long time, we thought we had to disturb the ground in order to grow in it. Now we know there is an entire world underneath the soil that is working for the benefit of your plants. Dig a nice loose hole and start planting in those.

Cheap Raised Beds

12 X 8, untreated, are incredibly cheap lumber and you can build an entire raised bed using just three of them. These beds are incredibly effective for every type of vegetable.

Water Catchment

By cutting a screened top into a 55-gallon barrel you can line these up with your downspout and save money no water by catching rain. You will also want to install a spigot on these, as well.

DIY Pest Control

By mixing red chili flake, minced garlic, water, and dish soap you can create your own pest spray. This little mix can be sprayed on anything and you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals on your food.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more of these options out there. You might be able to come up with your own frugal gardening DIY projects.