October 20, 2020

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Stockpiling Charcoal and Propellant


There are a number of things that preppers can stockpile. Some come to us much easier than others. No matter what type of prepper you are you will likely have a stockpile of some items or another.

The fact of the matter is, even in the short term, you are going to need things to survive a disaster.

One of the things most people overlook is cooking fuel. Even short term disasters can mean that your electric stove is out of commission for as long as your power is.

Sure you can eat out a few times but you are not going to want to do that for three meals a day for a full week. That’s expensive.

The best way to combat that is to stockpile some cooking fuel. There are some great ones to have on hand. Let’s take a look at three of the best for cooking during a power outage.


One of the best things to have on hand is bags of charcoal. You can cook in a grill or in a divot in the ground with charcoal. You can use it anywhere and that is a great thing to have a product that is so versatile.

Charcoal does take up lots of space when you start stockpiling but it might be worth it when the time comes to use it.


Camp stoves are a great option to have on hand. Not the quick up jet boils but a more serious setup that might stand on two legs or cook using full-sized pots.

These can be powered by butane or propane. Having lots of fuel on hand can be your answer to cooking in a disaster.

Lighter Fluid

You might also just be looking to cook on whatever wood or flammable items are around. This might be a long term issue. Having lighter fluid that accelerates fire is never a bad thing to have around.