October 20, 2020

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Solar Backup Power for Disasters


There is no denying the fact that anyone preparing for disaster is going to need to have some sort back up power source. We are going to lose power at some point and once that happens your options get really short. When you have power in a disaster you can stick around for a long time.

Now, there are a number of backup power sources that are effective enough to be used today. You could rely on gasoline, wind or even water to power your home in a disaster. However, there is nothing more consistent than the sun. I am talking about solar power.

Wind can die down, gasoline goes away fast in a disaster but the sun is up there burning for another 9 billion years or so. That’s consistency you cannot ignore.

Solar Panels

Did you know that solar panels can even be made DIY these days. The tech is just going get better and better. These panels are also cheaper than ever and more effective. There are also more people on solar panels than ever before.

Solar Generators

With the advent of the solar generator we now have the ability to make solar backup power portable. That is something that fits right up the alley of all preppers and those who are readiness minded. Solar generators take a bit of an investment up front but it makes all the difference.

Backup Batteries

The most effective batteries for storing solar power are a work in progress. With big names like Tesla on the problem we can be assured that we are going to see radical advancements in how solar energy is used in the average Americans home.

Don’t just think about solar power as a means of cutting the power bill, while that is awesome. Think about it as a legitimate means of backup power that will long outlast gas generators. Its also much more quiet.