October 20, 2020

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Preparing for Ice, Snow and Cold


We are now in the throes of winter. There is no escaping the power and affect. Depending on where you are in this world, you might be blown away by the sheer strength of winter. Its an unstoppable force that many of us don’t appreciate anymore.

As humans we have so dominated the natural world that we forget what a beast it can be. Every year we lay in warm beds at 70 degrees while the outsides world drops to freezing and below. Nothing has changed for the squirrel, deer and other wildlife. They still have to survive. We just remain comfortable.

There will come a time when we have to face a brutal winter without insulated walls and central heating. What becomes of our comfort and our mind then?

We must all take steps to be prepared for ice, snow and cold that comes every winter. So lets talk about three big steps you can take to assure you are prepared for the next real winter. We have all lived through power outages in the short term. What if it never came back on in the winter?

Wood Stove

A wood stove is a powerful weapon against the cold. It can be a very effective method of heating home during a winter power outage. Of course, you will also need to have wood to fuel that stove but its still a great options for keeping yourself warm in the winter.

Salt Stockpile

Just because the power is out does not mean your car wont work or you wont need to go to work. Yes, you need salt to be able to get around and to help deal with the ice.

Real Winter Clothes

One of the biggest issues is that we deal with all sorts of cheaply made clothing that looks warm and great for winter. We need to get the right materials and pay for high quality winter clothing and boots. This can make all the difference.

Most of the clothing sold for winter today is made with cost in mind rather than heat retention.