October 29, 2020

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Portable Power for Survival Situations


Whether we are talking about light, communications or entertainment, it all takes power these days. While you don’t need power to survive, lets be honest, it makes it a lot better. So you have to prepare for the use and renewal of power while you are in the woods or facing a wilderness survival situation.

We are going to look at three unique options for powering devices in austere environments. You will find that there are many more methods out there than you think.

USB Power Sources 

There are a number of companies that have created a collection of USB power banks that will offer up enough power to charge many devices. You will be able to charge these prior to a disaster and use them when you need them most.

Solar Light Saver

One such power bank is called the Solar Light Saver and it is a tubular power bank that is rolled up with a thin film of solar panels. This is a great power bank option that offers renewable energy as a way of charging your devices or running USB powered tools and resources.

This is such a cool little invention. It stores down to nothing and really offers great options for the person carrying it.

Laptop Power Bank

While many people look to carry a power bank that is big enough for their phone, they may not know that power banks for laptops which are much more powerful. These can be used to charge phones among other devices. This is a very important thing to consider.

As long as you have an option for power beyond the power company you are going to have options in disaster. This can be something as big as a whole house gas generator or it can be a simple USB power bank.