October 14, 2020

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Off Grid Living Essentials


The allure of off grid living is multi-faceted for many. We find that there are people who like the challenge. There are people of like the self-sufficiency and there were people who just pain like the lifestyle.

There are a host of benefits when it comes to off grid living. The biggest, of course, is that you can reconnect with the natural world, without all the buzzing and clicking of electronics and the manipulation of marketing.

However, things can get a little crazy if your not careful and if you are not ready for an off grid lifestyle. You are going to need things to make it work. You are going to need skills and tools to get by.

Alternative Energy

While you won’t be powering the things you used to, you are still gonna need some power. The use of it will be up to you but I wouldn’t forgo it completely. Utilizing the water, wind or sun and even a combination can be a great way to generate power off the grid.

Animal Helpers

Livestock might be the only way you get things like eggs and meat. You could also bring on some goats for milk and fibers.

Food Preservation

Your ability to grow and store food will be of the utmost importance. Chances are you will not have the refrigeration or freezer space you once did. This changes a lot, in terms of lifestyle, for the average American.

Things like canning, drying, sealing, smoking and storing foods will all be critical. You will need the skills and the equipment for each of these.

Survival Gear

Don’t forget the most rewarding and the most terrifying thing about an off-grid lifestyle: You are on your own! So, be sure you have meds and survival gear to deal with most issues.

It won’t be easy but a life off-grid could be everything you ever wanted.