October 19, 2020

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Next Level Prepping and Beyond


When you first jump on the prepping bandwagon its hard not to get overwhelmed. Consequently, you find out just how much you need to buy and the things you need and its a serious whirlwind. You’ve probably never even thought of next level prepping at this point, you’re still struggling to get started.

However, before long you are going to find that you have overcome many of these challenges and you have battled through a number of things to secure your place in the ranks of those who humbly declare themselves prepared.

You can call yourself a prepper if you like. The question that these people mull over all the time is, what’s next? What comes after that initial blast of prepping?

When the checklists are full and the pantry is stocked, what do you do next? How do you level up!? It’s a great question and one that we are going to explore.

Examples of Next Level Prepping

The very best step you can take is to look at the resources you need to survive and really start expanding on them.

The survival knife is a critical part of any preppers inventory and maybe even EDC. Start learning about metals and what metals make great knives when you are ready to jump to the next level.

You could take this even further by starting to explore home blacksmithing. Maybe that becomes something you take on. Now having a knife is no longer the goal. You are on the path to choosing the right metals and making your own knives!

If you are interested, make an effort to learn more about other methods of next level prepping and beyond.

Prepping is a journey that never really ends. It will long outlast you. There is nature to master, industry to understand and ever topic in prepping can be picked apart to its deepest and smallest working parts. Good luck!