October 29, 2020

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Is the Tech Monopoly Fueling the next Civil War?


The American population is more divided, well, splintered than ever before. Even in the days of the revolution it was pretty clear that Americans were broken into a few classes of beliefs when it came to the war. Some wanted to stay under the Kings’s rule while others wanted to break away from British rule.

Even during the civil war, when things were more complicated, it was still clear that America was the answer and God was also at the center of both sides motivations. Today we find ourselves in a strange “societal discourse” where the list of gripes and groans are so vast its seems impossible to remedy them and there is also a tinge of people just being lost in it all!

Where does it all come from?

The beauty of American freedom, tied to recent technology, is that you have the ability to express yourself however you see fit to the world and sometimes the world pays attention. However, when the monopoly on that tech takes place and people start getting banned, the outcry and the civil unrest begins.

You see, the very root of this nation was born of fighting kings. When speech is limited and groups are marginalized it makes people feel like a new king is in town! While it might seem fun to go on social media and watch people hash things out, frankly, its getting dangerous.

People with incredible influence are calling for real violence against real people and that is not acceptable. Its fueling this splintering of the nation and while we are not capable of calling this a true civil war, yet. Its clear there is a serious culture war happening.

Should you be prepared for that type of war? You should be prepared for any type of cold war that could get hot in a hurry. Think about self defense, home defense and the long term disasters that could ensure at the next level of this tech influenced culture war.