October 20, 2020

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Hyper Efficent DIY Solar Power


For a photovoltaic solar panel, following the sun’s path across the sky raises efficiency by 30-50%. This DIY sun tracker is easy to make and will help you stay less reliant on the grid during the colder months due to the different placement of the sun.

Solar power is incredibly effective and is only getting better. We are another 10 years or so away from solar really fighting for the general public’s attention on how to power a home. Its technologies like these, that maximize efficiency that are going to lead the way.

While solar power is a cost effective tool that helps the environment in today’ society. Tomorrow it could be something even more important.

The US power grid is indefensible and its pretty clunky in how you get it back up and running. All that said, you are going to need other options if the power grid is taken out by terror attack or mother nature. Both are extremely possible

DIY Solar Power

The skill of knowing how to make your own solar panels is one that will benefit the average person today and in a collapse. All over the internet there are searches and articles on just this topic. You can literally make your own solar panels from scratch.

This build that we are talking about will allow you to create a solar panel that actually follows the sun! You can get the full DIY instructions right here.

While you might think that dealing with things like solar power are well out of your wheelhouse, you will be surprised about how much one DIY project can change your perspective. Start learning these technologies today so you can be a master of off grid power in the future!  That’s when many will need it.