October 20, 2020

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How To Make A Living While Living Off The Grid


Off-grid living is a struggle. It takes a certain kind of person. Not everyone is cut out for living without running water and electricity. Depending on where you live could make it even harder.

Most people are not in a financial situation where they can simply buy that property, turn it into a homestead and do so without getting up 5 days a week and go to work. Somebody has got to be bringing in the money! Sure, the overhead is a lot cheaper but you still need some money.

What if your perfect piece of property is far away from your current job? What if your property is so far away that you cannot work at that job anymore? Could you make money off-grid? It’s not going to be easy but it can be done.

Content Creation

Many homesteaders blog or create video content. Yes, these folks are off-grid. You don’t even need to have access to the internet to create content. You can simply prepare content and then take a trip to the local library or into town where you can get wifi.

Create about a week’s worth of video and posts and schedule them for posting while you are online. Then you come back to town and check your emails and responses to your content.

Woodworking and Blacksmithing

If you are more interested in trades, these two are as good as it gets as a homesteader. Just start building and making things. It’s not hard to do but if you stall it will take a longer time.

Start learning to join and jig and all those things. Crank up the forge and learn to draw out metal and how to curve hot metal. You want to know how to repair metal and create things that are interesting.

Guiding and Teaching

Depending on where you live you could guide hunting, fishing, hiking or rafting parties. This can be very lucrative. You could also teach survival skills. You do know them, right?