October 14, 2020

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How To Can Beef, Elk, Pork or Venison Cubed and Raw Pack


When you think of canning, what comes to mind? You probably think about things like jelly and tomato sauce. That is part of it. However, you are going to be doing a lot more canning when the SHTF if you are going to survive the long haul.

You will be canning everything you can!

You might also be hunting. What do you do with all that meat if the freezer is down?

Well, canning meat is a possibility and you can also can venison.

You could make a stew or you could can this meat raw pack style. It is easier and quicker this way. Having a pantry full of canned vegetables feels good but having a pantry full of canned meats is a much bigger deal.

Food is Power

The one thing you don’t have enough is food. Even if you have a lot of food you do not have enough food!

Remember, you are going to have to eat. That has to happen. Not only that, food is going to be a currency in times of SHTF. That is a big deal. There is going to be a serious need for food after a month or so. Most people will be out of food.

If you have food you can get work down, build alliances and many other things. That is a very powerful position to be operating from.

Canning is an important means of food storage. You are going to need to pull food resources from as many places as possible. Now is the time to practice these means and methods.

Long story short, you need food. You need all the food. It’s not just about feeding you and yours. It’s about helping, bartering and employing with your food storage.