October 14, 2020

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Has the Next Financial Crisis Arrived


Here we are 10 years from the last recession and we have witnessed a nearly 9 percent drop in home value. While more people are working now than ever before, it would seem that is not enough to prop up the world of stocks and world economies.

There are many economists, this week, who are saying the “everything bubble has popped” and that’s a terrifying thing to consider.

At the risk of sounding like a economic advisor your time would be better spent preparing for what could be or what will, eventually, be. You see, there are a number of things that could come to pass and you have to be prepared for all of those eventualities.

When it comes to collapsing economies and great depressions, we have lived through all of it already. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel we should simply prepare for those things that have happened in the past. We know the cost of goods will rise and maybe salaries and jobs could drop.

Scarcity is the most terrifying part of the depression. Either the funds to use could be scarce or the products themselves. Either way, its a time to get back to the basics of preparedness.

Be sure you have access to  food and a means to grow, buy, source or kill your own food.

Be sure that you have access to cash. Cash could be king in the next depression. They may frown upon banks and bank cards.

Be sure you have something beyond cash. Precious metals are going to provide you with an alternative means of purchase.

Be sure you have barter items. Your ability to barter during the next depression is going to determine how you survive. it. You can get what you need by having the things others will need.

Now is the time to be proactive. Don’t let these things catch you off guard. Not with all the warning signs glaring.