November 26, 2020

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Grow Bags to Create a Portable Survival Garden

For many preppers, the idea of a backyard food source is high on the to-do list. We have dreams of a yard lined with raised beds and beautiful plants bursting from the soil. There is a bit of self-reliance and independence in that. It’s the idea that we can create our own food if need be that is so appealing.

Now, when you talk about growing food during a collapse you have to be aware of what can happen to your carefully constructed garden.

You could lose everything.

These days you find yourself wondering about how to keep the rabbits out of your garden but that won’t always be the case.

When people are desperate for food they will come right into your yard and steal your tomatoes. That’s a guarantee. So to avoid that you are going to need a garden that is either hidden or had the ability to be hidden.

That is why I want to talk about using pots or grow bags to create a moving survival garden.

Grow Bags

The only thing better than having a garden to feed your family is having one that no one knows about. Or having one that is hard to discern from the street. Mobility is the key to success.

There are many options out there from pot growing to indoor aquaponics but a cheap answer is going to be to invest in.

For under $10 you are going to get 5 of these bags. If you plant high yield plants these bags will go a long way!

These bags can be moved using handles and can be positioned and repositioned many times. They truly make your garden mobile.

If you are very concerned about people scouting your food sources, you could even bring them indoors at night to assure the plants are protected.

Your garden will be targeted in a collapse, now is the time to consider and prepare for that.