October 29, 2020

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Great Seeds to Start Now for the Spring Garden


Spring has not yet sprung but many people are interested in spring gardens. It’s hard not to get a little crazy after a long winter. You probably want to revitalize the yard and the garden again. However, the cold weather and the potential for frost is holding you back.

We have all made the mistake of planting seeds too early. A cold snap happens and we are running outside with blankets or other strange devices to keep our sprouts safe in the overnight frost.

If you want to avoid this situation and getting betrayed by the last frosts of the year, we need to look at sprouting seeds indoors. There are many plants that you can start inside, either in a sunroom, under grow lights or using hydroponics.


Tomatoes are a great seed to start indoors and they also do very well under grow lights. You should consider a variety of tomato plants if you are going to sprout indoors or use grow lights. From cherry tomatoes to heirloom varieties there is a lot you can do with tomatoes.


Another great indoor sprouter is the many varieties of pepper. You will find more variety of pepper than you could ever imagine! It’s a serious thing! You will have some decisions to make. You can get some massive starter pepper plants just by starting them indoors and giving them some time in the grow lights.


Some of those strong woody herbs like oregano and basil are also great to start indoors. We all love that fresh basil but it doesn’t like cold weather. You start that basil indoors and you will see substantial growth before that plant can hit the soil.

Don’t forget that you are going to want to ween those indoor plants off their cushy lives inside. You will want to take your sprouts outside for a few hours over the course of a couple of days a week. This will help them make that transaction.