November 26, 2020

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Great First Aid Training Courses

Injury and illness go hand in hand with emergencies and disasters. They are big players in the game. As preppers we spend a lot of time worrying about security and defense, and for good reason, but the likely hood that we face illness and injury is much higher.

The studying of first aid skills pales in comparison to the excitement we get from the gun range or testing out survival gear but its probably more necessary. Still, we only have so much time. This means we are going to struggle to find time for first aid skill work.

One of the  best ways to assure we get the skills we need is to take courses. Dedicate some time and some money to these courses and practice the skills in a hands on experience with oversight.


Do you know that there are free courses offered in every state and many localities within those states? All you need to do is dedicate your time over a couple days and you can become certified and get hands on training!

Archangel Dynamics

There are also quality independent training options like those at Archangel Dynamics. These are more in depth and often offer a wider array of tools and scenarios as they are custom built. You will find that these courses may better fit the skills you are looking to develop.

First aid is always going to be a struggle for the average person to master. Much of it has to do with the fact that we are already taken care of by a enormous medical establishment. We live in a world where if we get sick or hurt we just go to a place and magic people use machines and years of training to make us better. What happens when that goes away? Do you have an answer?