October 29, 2020

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Freeze Dried Drinks and Beverages for Food Storage


We all concern ourselves with water storage and for good reason. We have to have something to drink. How many of you are just in love with water? Now, you might drink lots of water each day.

However, you might drink that water in tandem with coffee in the morning. You might take a soda or juice with dinner.

How do you feel about a life that starts with warm water and ends with warm water? Thanks to many food storage operations, there are things that you can buy to enhance that water. We have options in the real of disaster food storage beverages.

This is a good thing and we are going to look at three of the best-powdered beverage options for your personal food storage plan.

Freeze Dried Coffee

The thought of starting a post-apocalyptic day off without coffee is more of a nightmare than the collapse itself. Americans are absolute gluttons when it comes to the consumption of coffee. Caffeine turns the world and its big business beyond just the euphoria it offers an overworked and under-rested population.

Not only will coffee be a big edge in disaster it has some big benefits. It keeps the routine going. That can be a huge help when you consider the effects of the disaster. Things get ugly but a little routine goes a long way.

Then there is the barter. You will have some serious currency in stored coffee.

Dry Milk

Dry milk will help out in many facets of your food production. A lot of baking is going to require milk and you will also want something to eat with all that 6-grain cereal you have stored. Dry milk is a powerful protein source to put on the shelf, as well.

Orange Drink

Now, if you want to enjoy something with a lot of sugar and some artificial flavor? Every so often it’s nice to dip into these crazy drinks.