October 14, 2020

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Floods, and EMP attack? South Korean ‘Preppers’ are Bracing for The Real Thing


Apparently, Americans aren’t the only ones seeing the light when it comes to both the threat of North Korea and the instability in the world.

These are all serious issues that we must take heed to. That said, I didn’t think I would ever run into a story about South Korean preppers. It makes perfect sense. It appears they are buying up combat rations and hunkering down. I give them serious kudos.

South Korea is seeing a surge in many of the prepper standards. These are not purchases that happen by accident. It’s being reported that everything from floods to EMP attacks is in the sphere of influence when it comes to South Korean prepping.

North Korea

Of course, these disasters concerns are always going to be shaded by their proximity to the radical dictatorship of North Korea. That has been a reason to prep for nearly a century.

Can you imagine the preps you would have on hand if you lived just south of North Korea and their nuclear arsenal? We live halfway around the world and we prepare for that lunatic.

The World Push to Prep

The reality is that many of the nations of our world are on the way towards a more prepared populace. That is the reality of this thing.

The media seems to point to preppers and say they are conservative right-wingers who are prone to prepping harders when a democrat is in office. However, foreign governments all over the world are telling their people to have months of food on hand and be prepared for uncertain times.

If you are not prepping, well, you are just falling behind at this point. Honestly, this life is much more about pushing towards preparedness and self-reliance, rather than coming up with excuses not to. That’s all those who dont prep have at this point are excuses.