October 20, 2020

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Finding Water When its Dry


We are going to take the angle of the wildneress survivor here, primarily. Some of these techniques could be used in the urban survival scenario but in most cases these will benefit you most during a wilderness excursion gone awry.

Most people don’t understand that entering the woods can be the end of their life. They don’t understand that, in summer especially, the sheer amount of dry acres you could find yourself in might be death sentence. Most people also enter the woods dehydrated. That puts them in a bad place to start the whole thing

If you find yourself in one of those dried up situations. where do you look for water? There are more places than you might think.

Dry Creek Beds

Following a trail down into a valley might seem like a sure fire way to get hands on water. You might find that you are terribly disappointed when you get to the bottom to find that creek bed dry as a bone. Well, if you start to dig just under the surface you might find water is just below. dig a hole and wait 5 minutes it might slowly fill up.


Large knots and other strange growths can create concavities in trees. These are the perfect place for water to pull and stay a while. Depending on the size of the hole this water could be there for a long time and will need to be filtered and sanitized.

Morning Dew

A large field might be full of water in the morning. You an tie shirts and cloth to your ankles and go take a walk through that field to collect all that morning dew. This is a great way of getting water in your body early.

Large Rocks

Like trees, some large rocks have big holes in them, too. These big holes fill with water and become a little natural canteen. Just be sure to process this water for safety.