October 14, 2020

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Financial Self-Sufficiency: 5 Lessons from to Learn


Looking at our economy is like looking at two separate but connected realities. That is one of the reasons it so hard to understand.

Through one lens we have an economy that is producing jobs and getting things done. Its making multi-billionaires and making the world exponentially more convenient.Through the other lens, you get the truth. Behind the curtain, you realize that all this prosperity is straddled between loans to foreign nations and fabricated wealth that is pumped into the system. We are sitting in our stock market and everything else in a house of cards.

There will come a day of reckoning where the convenient reality dissolves and we are left to answer to the harsh reality that exists. Let’s look at 5 lessons to deal with that reality.

Money Isn’t Food

Even if you find a way to rule the cash game in a financial collapse there could come a time when food is the thing of value. If you cannot eat dollars they may not be of value. Remember, food won’t be shipping into your area in a serious financial collapse.

Emergency Funds

That said, having cash on hand will be better than not. In the early stages, it may be the only currency you have access to.

The Power of Community

The people around you will be the ones that help you. Keep that in mind. We are not here to alienate one another and to do that as a prepper will only hurt your efforts.

A Little Metal

While you shouldn’t build your whole plan on gold and silver, a little can go a long way. SO stack some precious metals now.

Skill Value

What can you do with your skills? Do you have any hard skills or trades? It is very important to have some physical asset that you can use to make money or food for your family, in the worst case.