October 20, 2020

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Expand your Garden Covertly


Food is food. Its important in anyway that you can get it. We know now that abandoning our ability to grow our own food was one of the worst moves we ever made. When we relinquished our freedom to convenience we lost something that we have clawing to get back.

The resurgence in gardening and community gardening is proof that growing our own food is something that is deep in our DNA.  We even grow food in the winter now! Since the Neolithic we have been growing our own food and its not something we should stop.

Of course a big garden invites a lot of trouble in a SHTF scenario. So, here are some ways of covert gardening and expanding your yield.


Pots can be planted and spread all over the yard and even on the porch. They don’t look like a big bunch of plants. Depending on what you are growing they can be hard to discern.


Lots of food can be grown up and on the side of a trellis. This means they can be grown out of site. Foods like green beans will climb anything and they can be hidden on a wall, as long as it gets sunlight.


You can plant a bunch of bushes on the woods edge and they will grow into the landscape. They will no longer look like something newly planted but if you plant food producing bushes it will make a big difference on your yield.

You can also grow food indoors using a hydroponics system. That is an incredible thing to consider. It doesn’t all have to be raised beds running across the back yards. You can be much more covert with your gardening and it will pay off in the long run.

Just remember that the more food you grow the more you will have to preserve. That’s another story entirely.