October 20, 2020

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Egloo Space Heater


With the focus on modern technology and our abandonment of the old ways, there are very few options like the Egloo Space Heater when it comes to generating heat in the modern home.

In fact, we have even gone so far to get rid of wood burning fireplaces and replace them with gas burning ones. The convenience of flipping a switch is just too alluring to some.

Beyond the wood stove, fireplace or just layering on the blankets, it’s very hard for people to call on any other means of keeping warm. The Egloo Space Heater presents a few unique opportunities. Indeed, one of those is the ability to warm a small area using some simple wooden wicks and radiant heat.

The Egloo was interesting because it shared a similar design with the SHTF terracotta pot heater design. If you are familiar with the design, it uses a nut and a selection of pots that increased in size from the inside out. This version was heated by a single T light candle.

The Egloo is a modernized and sleek look at similar technology. There are lots of features added to its design beyond just heating a room. The Egloo also comes with various designs that keep making it more a constant in home décor as opposed to a strange survival DIY project that only comes out during a disaster.

There are three distinct uses for the Egloo Space Heater that make it more than just a SHTF heater.

Space Heater

As we mentioned, the Egloo space heater is great for generating heat in a small area. The radiant heat from the terracotta spreads throughout a small area and you can even place your hands over the vented opening to warm them up.

While enjoying my Egloo I took coffee one cold morning on the porch and sat with the heater nearby. Between the heater and the coffee, it was a great way to watch the sunrise on a crisp fall morning.

Oil Diffuser

There is no getting around the power of essential oils. They do amazing things for those who use them and along with being applied directly to the skin or ingested, these oils can also be diffused into the air. Not only does this make the room smell great, it also spreads the healing oils throughout as well.

The fall can be rough on people with colds, allergies, and even the flu. A diffuser can put all sorts of combination oils into the air to help all of these.

The Egloo’s heating element sits within a shallow rimmed metal container. This area can be filled with an essential oil or combination and allowed to heat and diffuse from the vented opening at the top of the heater. This is a very effective way of diffusing a room and it requires no electricity!


Aside from being an effective heater and a quality, off grid, essential oil diffuser the Egloo also has the ability to humidify a room. This is so valuable during cold season. We all get dried out whether or not we use wood heat, gas or electric heat. Its just a very dry time of year and that can present all sorts of problems to the sinus membrane.

Using the rimmed container, you merely fill that with water and the heat from your element will slowly evaporate the water. That mist will spread throughout the room and as long as you keep it full of water you will have a comfortable room.

The only real issues I had with the Egloo were the wooden wicks that have to be purchased. The kit comes with 3 and you need three to operate the unit. In order to utilize the Egloo on a daily basis or through a longer-term disaster, you would need a decent stockpile of these candle kits. The candle refills run a little over a dollar each and contain their high-quality granular wax and 3 wooden wicks.

This may not be as much of an issue for you as you can buy them in groups of 50.

How To Use the Egloo Space Heater

  • Tighten the lugs of each wick base to hold the wicks snugly
  • Center the wick in each base and insert so the bottom of the wick meets the floor of the base
  • Place the magnetic bases into their designated spot in the small metal plate
  • Always fill the large metal plate with water for each use of the Egloo
  • Fill the small metal plate with the provided wax using the entire bag
  • Clear the tip of the three wicks of wax before lighting them
  • Now is the time to infuse the water with your favorite essential oils
  • Light the wicks!
  • Place the grill, small dome and large dome on top of the base
  • Wait 15 minutes and your Egloo is ready!

To turn off the Egloo simply blow into the hole at the top.


All in all, you have a very interesting and efficient little heating system. It’s simple and the range is small but when you are cold it makes a huge difference. This heater doubles as a humidifier and can even diffuse essential oils throughout the room. Those are two big benefits that just blew me away.

Remember, there are few answers to heat that do not require being plugged in. If you are prepping in a home without a fireplace, the winter power outage can be a real challenge. The Egloo Space Heater offers a solution to that need as well as a few others. There are also many designs that make it a wonderful addition to your home décor.