October 29, 2020

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Eating the Garden in New Ways


There are many things that can happen to route your path towards self-sufficiency. One of the biggest things is having your family turn on you. It doesn’t take a lot for a cynical family to start berating you over the preparedness, the natural food craze and all the growing of produce.

Emails come in on this issue all the time. Desperate people who are so worried about what to do with their family.  They want to prepare and they want to make their family safe. Still, there are tons of people who battle this all the time.

If you are making a change from eating processed food to growing and eating food than you could have some serious blowback. In a situation like this, you might need to start thinking about new ways to eat the fresh food that you are growing.


For some reasons, people feel like they have to mess with everything. They grow this great food and once the pick it they want to cut it, grate it, boil it, grill it or whatever else. Its a wild thing. Sometimes you just need to sit there and enjoy the raw flavor.

Wash the produce well and eat it raw. Even things like kale will be enjoyed by kids if you start them eating it fresh out of the garden at a young age.


Another interesting thing to do is to start pureeing the fresh vegetables. Rather than cooking them to death you can puree them and get the quality fiber and nutritional profile in things like shakes. These shakes can be made up of powerful vegetables like beets and kale but buzz in apples and bananas to make them tasty.

Get innovative on the ways you eat the garden. Be sure that you are taking advantage of the food you grow.