October 20, 2020

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DIY Solar Lights from your Front Yard


Light is a very interesting prep. In most disasters, we are going to want to get light on as soon as possible. You might address this issue with a box of flashlights or backup lights in various places in the home. This makes a big difference.

Light in the darkness is unrivaled.

However, in the most brutal SHTF scenario, light could be a death sentence. If you are running from hideout to hideout and trying to avoid contact with anyone, light could make you stand out from far away. Knowing which situation you are in is important.

For most of us, having light is going to be a benefit in the short term.


The best answer for quick and effective light is a collection of affordable flashlights. Having a couple of high-quality flashlights is a big deal. Outside of that, you can have some more affordable lights for kids and maybe even neighbors.


Lanterns are great options, also! These are capable of lighting up entire rooms! They are great for home use and not just something you should leave in the tent.

Lanterns are also easy to operate options for kids. It allows kids to go around a dark home with confidence and not be afraid of the dark.

DIY Emergency Lights

You might also have light sources outside your door. Many of us have a set of those solar lights in the driveway. Have you ever thought about bringing them inside?

You can SHTF scenario with minimal manipulations.

The ability to take your resources and turn them into something useful, it goes a long way! Those who are going to survive will be those who can adapt and overcome.

You are from a master lineage of survivors who have done just that.