October 20, 2020

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DIY Foil Solar Panels for Windows (VERY Easy)


When you think about solar panels you are probably going to consider electricity generation. However, some solar panels can be easily constructed and used to affect the temperature in your home.

These are not going to contain any electronics and will not generate electricity but these framed solar panels will heat the air and you can circulate that heated air to keep your home warm.


1. Screen frames and framing Corners
3. Aluminum flashing
4. Black Cinefoil
5. Heat resistant aluminum tape
6. Window treatment film (comes with double sided tape)
7. Suction cups with #10 eye screws


While this project is purported to be VERY EASY, I think it’s important to consider everyone has a different starting line and skill level. We are going to do a high-level explanation of this project and link to the full project below.

In essence, you are creating insulated, aluminum flashing and window insulated frames that hang over your windows. These are not window replacements. They are designed to hang inside the home and capture the heat using the black Cinefoil while heating it and allowing it to escape through the frame.

In many ways, it uses lots of the same principles as a solar shower. Rather than capture the suns heat for electricity it is just maximizing and the heat potential.

Your frames will be lined with the aluminum flashing, Cinefoil and taped in place with that heat resistant aluminum tape. You will attach the window insulation using double-sided tape. The whole system is hung on the wall using suction cups.

In the instructions, the frames are built from scratch but you could do this project with another, light, a frame of the right size.

For the full explanation, you will want to visit the instructable project page.