October 29, 2020

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Disaster Hot Spots That Will Get You Killed


You may find yourself in these hot spots and unknowingly put yourself at risk. Read on and keep yourself from harm’s way when SHTF!

Stay Away from These Hot Spots in a Survival Situation

Disaster Areas

There are certain areas that seem to breed chaos in the aftermath of a catastrophic event.

Whether it is during a hurricane, earthquake, civil unrest, or the zombie apocalypse, it is crucial to stay in a safe location and avoid these sorts of places. We call these areas “disaster hot spots.”

Disasters can occur at any given moment, which is why you need to be ready for the chaos. These events are followed by panic and madness as people scramble to find what they need to survive.

Find out where these spots are located and what you can do to avoid them.

What Are Hot Spots?

Trees Block Road | Disaster Hot Spots That Will Get You KilledA hot spot is an area or situation that, while ordinarily safe, can put you in harm’s way during an emergency. Here are a few examples of hot spots and places to avoid in an emergency situation:

Grocery Stores

The best option in a disaster is to hide in the fully stocked safe room in your home. You’ve seen World War Z, right?

Stocking up on supplies at the last minute is a terrible idea!

Your neighbors who did not prepare ahead of time will be heading to the local grocery stores in anticipation of a bad event, and we promise, you do not want to be part of that crowd.

People can do crazy things when under stress. Someone who is desperately trying to fill a grocery cart full of food and supplies could become a threat to you.

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If you did not have enough emergency preparations and you leave your home to stock up on supplies, you may not make it back. Roads may become clogged or difficult to pass through.

If there’s more than one path to get to your destination, try the route that is less known.

The Coast

Many people head out to the shore before a hurricane to see the rising water and crashing waves. Not smart.

If the place is also known for hot spot volcanoes, the more dangerous it will be staying near the coast. Nature has a thing for poor timing, and you don’t want to be close to the danger zone.

We recommend staying in your home until told otherwise by authorities, assuming it is not a military or government takeover.

Your home is fully stocked, and you know the ins and outs of each room should there be intruders trying to break in. Your home will also ease your nerves, helping you feel a little comfort in a time of havoc.

If there’s really a need for you to travel, here are a few tips to consider:

Disaster Preparedness | Disaster Hot Spots That Will Get You Killed

  • Travel during the day.
  • Never travel alone.
  • Inform some people of your whereabouts.
  • Let somebody know your travel destination, travel route, and expected time of arrival at the travel destination.

Watch this video of looters storming into a grocery store after a hurricane courtesy of CNN:

Taking the necessary steps towards being prepared for anything is the best way to avoid these disaster hot spots. Emergencies are chaotic enough. Make it easier for yourself and your family by avoiding these potentially dangerous places.