October 20, 2020

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Crushing Debt is Making Preppers Out of the Middle Class


We are spending like crazy to the void we have created with our crazy lifestyle.

The American lifestyle is very unique. We are living very, very busy lives and most are unsure and unfulfilled. They are filling this void with material items. The marketing companies have a grip on us like never before. We are spending into oblivion and running up debt. Meanwhile, no one is saving any money.

Funny enough we are watching all this money be spent but so few people are prepared for the day of reckoning that may come. Why are we spending our money but not getting the job done? Why are we not at least putting up food?

One Symptom of Many

The economy and household debt have a number of people turning to prepping. You know, it’s a serious thing to see a person go down fighting to debt. You are going to see a bunch of people who have been wallowing in debt go under in your time.

If the economy tanks those people have no means of getting out of that debt and they might be stuck with it and have no job to pay any of it off. This fear makes preppers out of many of us.

No More Debt

How much money do you really pay to the debt collector a month? A couple of credit cards, car, home, it adds up fast! Before long you can be into the thousands of dollars in minimum payments. That is brutal!

Imagine the preps you could buy with an extra couple thousand dollars.

Most of us cannot do a lot about being in debt right now. We only have so much money to pay off the debt we have accrued. However, we can all keep away from accruing more debt in the future. This offers us a light at the end of the tunnel.