October 29, 2020

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Carrying a Car First Aid Kit


If you are going to live a preparedness lifestyle, its going to involve lots of kits and bags.

That is just how it works. This means a few things.

  1. It means you need to invest in pouches and backpacks

  2. It means you need a way to quality check the items in bags regularly

  3. Most importantly, it means you need to know how to use the things in your kits and bags.

One of the most important things you can have is a first aid kit. Even better is multiple. A traveling trauma kit/ first aid kit in the car can make a world of difference. This is a utility kit that will offer you all sorts of options on the road.

Keep this kit in a pouch that has the ability to attach to Molle. If your kit is built this way you will be able to attach it to your Get Home bag or even a camping pack and make the kit multifunctional. Remember, we spend a lot of our lives in cars or traveling to and fro. Its just the nature of most humans today. I wouldn’t even say there is anything wrong with it but it s a fact.

One of the most important pieces of this kit is a first aid manual. While we often shove pressure bandages, tourniquets and rolled gauze down in this things we should focus on a small but thoughtful manual for our kits. Something that will give us the answers to treating things like heat stroke or other pop up conditions.

First aid kits are almost always poorly assembled and are missing things you might consider vital. Always customize and if you cannot find a nice sized manual, as mentioned, just make one! Its very easy to personally self publish a small book that works just the way you want.