October 14, 2020

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Carry Less with These Bushcraft Skills


What is the point of all this bushcraft? Are we looking to find ourselves in a survival situation, are we hoping? Or is this merely a practice in mastering the wild? Either motivation is respectable.

However, what if we were to look at it from the angle of saving weight in our pack and making the wilderness adventure a little less of a burden?

Tent to Tarp

One of the bulkiest things you are going to carry will be your tent. Unless you have invested a few hundred dollars in a tent that is ultralight, you are probably going to sacrifice weight and space to a tent.

One of the best bushcrafting skills you can have is that of making a livable shelter. You could trade your tent for a sturdy, lightweight tarp and that will cut weight and space. With the use of simple cordage, you will be able to create a serious shelter from a tarp.

Gadgets to Tools

Another thing survivalists have been poked at for is depending on these wild gadget creations that are designed to address all of your needs in one shot. One tool that does everything. Well, that doesn’t exist anyway. So, you need to consider other things.

You need to look at 3 reliable tools and really learn how to use them. The first being a short-handled ax. The second being a folding saw and of course, you want to be able to make the most of your belt knife or survival knife.

Food to Foraging

There is something incredibly enjoyable about cooking a nice meal over the campfire. It must harken back to days long past. However, food and coolers also add lots of weight. Now, there is no fantasy that you are going to be able to forage for 100% of your food but if you are out in the right season you can certainly find lots of food through berries, tubers, and nuts.