October 19, 2020

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Backup Power Solutions with Solar


For a long time, solar power was kind of a laughing stock. It was a technology that was just coming around and it was basically in its infancy.

Many people saw the potential of having this technology and the future but it just wasn’t quite ready for prime time.

However, that is all changing. The time has come for us to start exploring solar power. Not just as a one-off but as a means to power our homes. What if off-grid life was possible for all Americans?

Solar Generator from Garden Solar Lights

Don’t throw away another old garden solar panel ever again! Use them and make powerful solar panels to charge your batteries and even get you off the grid.

Have you got old solar lights from the garden laying around? I know I have about 10 right now that look outdated and weathered. Well, did you know with a little thinking and a little solder here and there, you can create a powerful solar panel for pretty much free.

You can make this as big or as small as you like, the one in the photo above is a medium-sized panel and is giving off 22.1 watts. That’s not bad from free garden lights, this could charge a 12v battery in no time.

Buying Solar

There are now a number of great products on the market that make solar power an option. There are tremendous companies that offer up a means of getting solar on your roof or in your yard that can power the whole house.

Some people are even selling power back to the power companies! People are not paying power bills and actually making money back from the power companies. That is an astounding thing to consider.

Is it time for you to consider solar in your life?