October 15, 2020

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Are You A Durable Survivor?


How much can we take? We are going to see more of this and the question will still linger.

For me, this is but one piece and I think about the absorption of immigrants as well who are floated by government benefits. How much of a beating can America take before it breaks?

On a personal level, how much can you take? Do you look at yourself and see a durable survivor. The question of our nation and our own ability to survive will be answered in the future. It’s a simple yes or no answer.

Personal Durability

Many Americans suffer from injuries and are also dealing with chronic pain. Do you have the will to survive disasters like these or will you cower in the face of danger?

One of the ways to increase durability is to prepare and practice your skills. In many cases its adrenaline that crush energy levels in a high-stress situation. If you can be a little more comfortable with the calamity because you have skills, food, and security, well, that might be the difference.

Setting a baseline of preparedness and a baseline of physical fitness is going to increase your durability immediately.

National Durability

How about our nation? How much more can this nation take?

States are crumbling and civil unrest has reached an all-time high. We are fighting corruption, greed, and treason at every corner. Its no wonder the common man is either angry or doesn’t care at all!

What makes the nation fall? When do the protections fail and moorings shake loose? When does the police stop coming when called and when do preppers see the world they have so long prepared for? When do we see the true SHTF?

Let’s hope this never happens, however, let’s not be silly enough not to prepare for it.