November 26, 2020

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Add These Three Things to your First Aid Kit

Its safe to say that no matter where you buy your first aid kit, there are going to be some things you want to add. Its just a matter of the things that you need to address your families needs. If you purchase your first aid kit from a standard retailer you are going to want to add all sorts of things to that new kit.

One method that works really well for building your in home first aid kit is to take the kits or kits that you have amassed from retailers and place them in a much larger Rubbermaid tub. To this tub you can add whatever else you might need to make the ultimate kit for you and your family.

This also makes all of your first aid supplies easy to load into a car and take on the bugout.

Rolled Gauze

You can never get enough of this stuff and its very cheap. Dressing wounds is critical and it takes a lot of material. If you have a serious injury that takes days or even weeks to heal you are going to need to change the dressing often. You could hollow out a first aid kit in a hurry.

Kids Tylenol

You may or may not have kids but if you have kids Tylenol in your kit you have a serious item. This is one of the top barter items to have on hand. Its also very important if you have kids and they are suffering from pain or fever.


Most homes have one thermometer. What happens when that one breaks? You are going to have to guess about the fever your loved one has. Is it a low grade fever that you could let alone or is it a fever that needs to come down for their health? Without a thermometer you are just guess!