October 17, 2020

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5 Items Every Prepper Needs for the Cold Weather


You have probably noticed it already. The temperatures are dropping and cold weather is getting ready to roll in.

We are only a month away from true cold hitting the nation and that will come in a hurry. If you are prepared for that cold it might not be such a big deal to you.

What are the best ways to prepare for that cold? There are a number of ways that preppers can gather themselves against the cold. Here are some of the best preps to battle the winter.

DIY Hand Warmers

One of the easiest and most effective little projects to add to your EDC bag is hand warmers. These are very cool, easy to customize DIY projects that can be created at home with things you already have on hand.

You can head out and buy these hand warmers, too! However, they are so easy to make that once you do it you will never buy them again.


The shemagh is the perfect item to have on hand for sneaky cold days. You can use this large piece of cloth to cover your neck or your head or both! That is a big deal in the cold. Just covering your neck and head can make a huge difference in the heat your body loses.


If you are keeping your body active, on most cold days a good pair of glove sand a good hat can make all the difference. Waterproof gloves really help. So invest in some good wool or insulated gloves.

Water Proof Boots

If it’s cold and you start to get wet, life gets worse in a hurry. Whether you are out walking in the snow or working in it, you need some good waterproof boots. They should breathe and you need good wool socks, too!

The boots are critical.

Off-Grid Heat Source

When the power goes out, how do you keep your family warm? How do you plan on warming your home? Collapsible wood stoves are a big help and so are kerosene and propane heaters.